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Mareterra is a transformational project for Monaco: a beautiful new community of residential, cultural, and recreational spaces that celebrates the spirit and sensations of the Mediterranean. The name ‘Mareterra’ is inspired by the two complementary elements of the project: the sea and the land. Developed using pioneering, sustainable building techniques, Mareterra lies at the heart of the Principality’s future growth.                                                   This stretch of coastline has been a byword for style, elegance and exclusivity for more than a century. These palatial villas, with their unrivalled views and compelling mix of indoor/outdoor living, can be viewed as the natural heirs to the Belle Époque and modernist mansions of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Only a limited amount of villas will be built, each one unique in design and layout.



Details and specifications of the property
Property conditions New - under construction
Other features concierge Garage Garden gym Sea view Swimming pool Terrace
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